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  Self-discipline plays an important role in our life. To be honest, I am a person who is self-disciplined. I used to follow all kinds of rules and hand in the tasks appointed on time at school. And I could not only respected all my teachers but also get on well with my classmates. At home, I was able to balance housework and homework. I usually made a plan in advance to make it easier to achieve my goal. After finishing all the task, I developed the habit of going to bed early and going to bed early. In the society,I spared no effort to improve myself all the time.

  In a word. I have benefited a lot from being self-discipline. First of all, I have had many good habits, which makes my life easier and more regular. Secondly, my life and my study have been to high efficiency so that a lot of time has been saved. Thirdly, being self-disciplined has prepared me for a better and brighter future. In the future, I will continue to be a self-disciplined person.